Direct metering coating

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Direct metering coating

Coating method: DM wire rod coating
Function: continuous coating, gap coating, stripe coating
Die head: adopt Japan Kobayashi DM coating head
Effective coating width: 300-2600 mm or more
Speed: 10-200 m/min or more
Coating accuracy: ±1% (related to the state of the slurry)
Viscosity: below 150mpa.5
Coating accuracy measurement method: laser/ray/infrared

Function: Double-sided coating can be realized at the same time, semi-closed liquid supply is adopted, which can greatly reduce the volatilization of solvents, greatly improve production efficiency, and use wire rods to replace convenient, clean and easy maintenance.

Mainly used for: hard coating film, anti-reflection (AR), low reflection (LR) film, various release films, lithium battery separators, various primer layer films.

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